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“Forty and Faithful to the Mission”

The Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York (“WBASNY”) is dedicated to the advancement of women in the law and in society. Our members include attorneys, judges, and law students. With 20 chapters throughout New York State, WBASNY has a strong local presence. Membership in any chapter includes membership in WBASNY. On the statewide level, WBASNY speaks as one voice to advocate for equal access to justice and gender equality. With ECOSOC status at the United Nations, WBASNY supports women and girls far beyond New York State.

• WBASNY offers members professional development opportunities and unparalleled mentoring, along with unique programs, committees and initiatives, and high quality continuing legal education.

• WBASNY offers policy makers and legislators a resource of legal expertise on matters impacting the status of women.

• WBASNY offers collaborative opportunities to other organizations and to the public, including an active amicus committee, which reviews requests for amicus briefs on legal cases of significance.

Women have been practicing law for nearly 150 years in this country, yet barriers to gender equality remain. WBASNY is working to crush those barriers; to inspire progress; and to promote our mission and our members. Please join us.

Joy A. Thompson, Esq., WBASNY President

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