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The Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York (“WBASNY”) is a dynamic organization of over 4,400 female and male attorneys and judges dedicated to the advancement of women in law and society. With 19 chapters across the state, WBASNY members are experts and leaders in private practice, government, academia and the courts.

WBASNY advocates for state legislation that promotes equal access to justice and gender equality and with ECOSOC status at the United Nations WBASNY advocates for women and girls around the world. We are so proud of our global relationships with organizations of female attorneys in countries like South Africa and Croatia. This year we are traveling to Cuba to meet with female lawyers and judges.

WBASNY offers quality continuing legal education, networking and unparalleled mentoring opportunities. Our substantive committees enable members to work with practitioners from across the state increasing their substantive knowledge while building networks and advocating for legislation and policy changes. WBASNY partners with with the Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert (“JALBCA”) and promotes diversity within the profession through various programs. WBASNY is a unique bar association and I am so proud to serve as its President.

Please review the WBASNY website and read about our substantive committees, legislative positions, all the events listed on our calendar and our member benefits. Review our 19 chapters and hopefully you will click on our “Join Now” button and become a WBASNY member.

Jacqueline P. Flug, Esq.
WBASNY President



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